Helps you sell digital goods but automating file download delivery to your customers! The moment that your customer buys a digital product (intangible goods) from your website - DigiVendor will automatically send them an email that will grant immediate download access.

Main Features

  • DigiVendor is written for Paypal & uses Paypal's IPN technology (note, DigiVendor can run alongside other IPN scripts & does not require your one and only Paypal IPN URL slot).
  • Generates purchase buttons. Just copy and paste the code into your website. Great flexibility!
  • Generates your choice of Paypal "buy now / immediate purchase", "shopping cart / add to cart" or "text link" purchase code. The choice is yours.
  • Protect your file locations! Hides the URL of your files!
  • Limit downloads. You can set the number of times that your customer is allowed to download a file.
  • Instantly emails your customer with download instructions after they complete the purchase!
  • Option : Do you want to automatically send an email without any file? You sure can!
  • Paypal purchase code spoofing/hacking protection. DigiVendor detects if someone has tampered with your Paypal purchase form code & will refuse to deliver your product if the price (etc) has been tampered with.
  • Supports secure download of all digital product file types (ZIP, RAR, ACE, MP3, EXE, PSD, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF etc) on most servers.
  • Supports all Paypal currencies.
Admin Panel Features
  • Includes a great sales history & management section. Show's you which products sold, when and how much you made each day, month and year.
  • Sales management section allows you to monitor which of your customers have successful downloaded their product & how many times they have downloaded.
  • Further, the sales management section allows you to generate and re-send download instructions to your client in case they lose or fail to receive them.
  • Easy to use comma delimited customer mailing list feature.
  • Add and modify customers/profiles from the admin panel.
  • Add and modify sales records from the admin panel.
  • Add, clone and manage your products.
Client Download Panel
  • The client control panel contains a list of all past and present products that your client has purchased from you. It is accessed via username and password and you can even update your files & allow your customers to download the updated version free of cost.
Technical Brief
  • Note*This is software for your website / web server.
  • Programming Language Used : PHP.
  • Database Type Used : MySQL.
  • Source Code : Open Source (Not encrypted).
  • Server OS Supported : All.
  • Additional Tools Used : HTML with moderate CSS, Cpanel(WHM).
  • Documentation Provided : Installation Guide / Quick Start Guide.
  • PHP 4.x+ installed on your server.
  • (1) MySQL database.
  • Paypal account.
Optional Requirements
  • N/A

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