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PayDownloadPal is still available & supported but we reccommend that youcheck out our new version : DigiVendor.

PayDownloadPal is an ecommerce software digital download delivery system designed for merchants using Paypal. PayDownloadPal ecommerce software allows you to automate the sales of your digital goods.

PayDownloadPal supports Paypals ecommerce shopping cart (Add to Cart), single purchase (Buy Now) and email link purchase options. It supports the delivery of a downloadable product or simply the sending of a specific email message after purchase.

Digital product ecommerce is an instantly attractive idea, you have no supply cost, you have unlimited product stock and there is no shipping and handling involved. You dont need to worry about damaged items during shipping or a merchandise insurance policy. But what you do need to figure out, is how to sell your digital ecommerce products efficiently.

Your customer expects instant delivery when they purchase digital ecommerce item and not only that, why tie yourself to your computer when your digital business could operate itself automatically?.

With the PayDownloadPal ecommerce software PHP script, you get a fully automated Paypal billing and digital download delivery system. PayDownloadPal makes product creation easier then Paypals interface, and it provides many useful and nesscicary features.

PayDownloadPal hides your product download URLS from your customers to prevent link sharing and/or guessing and limits the number of times a customer can download that item.

Did you know anyone can steal the Paypal purchase link code from your website, alter the price field and use that modified code to buy an item from your website? The PayDownloadPal software protects your Paypal button code without encrypting it by referencing each sale against its database counterpart, if a hacker has modified your Paypal code, PayDownloadPal will not send them your digital product.

PayDownloadPal features a detailed sales history and mailing list, so you can get in touch with your customers quickly and easily, it offers a fast and easy way to create products and generates the nesscicary Paypal ecommerce button code for you to paste into your website. You can come back anytime and alter your existing products, and if you opt to use our special dynamic purchase code you wont even need to re-copy and paste the Paypal ecommerce code back into your website.

Our PayDownloadPal software supports multiple digital product delivery using Paypals shopping cart system ( aka Add to Cart buttons ). After a purchase your customer will be emailed with download instructions and provided with a username and password to log in to access their file(s).

PayDownloadPal supports all type of digital product delivery including ZIP, RAR, ACE, MP3, EXE, PSD, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and more. ( Please note that some servers may have trouble handling certain types of files and in those cases we recommended compressing your file with zip,rar or ace. )

Technical Brief

  • Note*This is software for your website / web server.
  • Programming Language Used : PHP.
  • Database Type Used : MySQL.
  • Source Code : Open Source (Not encrypted).
  • Server OS Supported : All.
  • Additional Tools Used : HTML with moderate CSS.
  • Documentation Provided : Installation Guide.


  • PHP 4.x+ installed on your server.
  • (1) MySQL database.
  • Paypal account.

Optional Requirements

  • N/A

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