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What is my password?

Immediately after your purchase our system emailed you with your download password. The password field is cAsE sensitive and does not ignore blank spaces. NOTE : This is NOT your Paypal password & you should NEVER use your Paypal password anywhere except on Paypal's website!

Hey, I didn't get an email!

  • Please check your spam / bulk / junk email box. Our email may of been seen as spam.
  • Still can find our email? No problem : you can just use the Paypal "Transaction ID" from your most recent iDevspot purchase as your password.

I am logged in but don't seem to be able to download the file successfully...

We recommend Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browsers. Other browsers are not tested and may not support our download routine.

No no no! Nothing is working!

Alright. We monitor downloads and within 24 (usually just a few) hours someone will notice that you have been unable to download and send an email to your Paypal address with your script attached. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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