Will I receive free updates?

  • Yes! With your purchase you will receive free software updates until the next version. Example : If you purchase version 1.0, you will receive free updates until version 2.0 : (at which time a small upgrade fee will be required). A new version means that we have completely overhauled our existing product (essentially creating a brand new program) - until this point, all improvements will be considered "updates" to the existing program.

Is your software encoded with Ioncube? Etc..

  • Nope! We feel that our customers deserve the freedom to make any modifications that they might require to our software.

Do you have a refund policy?

  • You bet. We offer this money back guarantee : If one of our products does not function properly on your server, and you have adhered to the program requirements section and after the failure of our support team to provide solution to the problem, you will unquestionably be entitled to a full refund.

And technical support? Is it free?

  • We offer email technical support 7 days of the week (at this time we do not offer phone or live chat support). We include free technical support along with the purchase of one of our applications. This support includes assistance with installation & product operational questions / issues.

Do you offer custom programming & product modifications?

  • Yes we do. We offer programming and website development services. Please contact us for a quote with an outline of your project.

Can you install the program that I just bought from you?

  • Ofcourse. Please visit our services page to order.

Should I wait to purchase? When will the next version be ready?

  • If you purchase within 1 month of the release of a new version. You will receive the new version free so there is no need to wait.

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